Top 10 IT Staff Augmentation Companies in India

Top 10 IT Staff Augmentation Companies in India

In 2023, India’s IT Staff Augmentation Industry is booming. They are becoming vastly popular as they offer businesses cost-effective and flexible solutions to staffing needs. Many top companies provide specialized services that meet various business needs. These companies are always ready to offer a wide range of services, which we will further learn in the blog. 

These companies provide wide access to a highly-talented group of tech savvies and IT experts working across various domains and technologies to the clients. This helps them in finding the ideal professionals for their ideated projects. 

Among the top IT Staff Augmentation companies in India, the following 10 stand out for their commitment to quality, track record, and potential to cater to diverse client needs:

Top 10 Trusted IT Staff Augmentation Companies in India 2023

1. eSparkBiz

eSparkBiz is one of the most prominent IT staff augmentation companies known for its specialty in delivering tailored solutions. It has a team of highly skilled professionals who assist clients in searching for the right talent to enhance their IT teams effectively. 

  • The company has experience of more than 12 years in this industry, and their work and growth are exponential as well as efficient. 
  • eSparkBiz has served more than 20 countries till now, and even more, countries are joining, trusting, and appreciating this company for its expertise in the sector and the professionals it offers to them. 
  • The number of development staff for various departments in eSparkBiz is 300+ and is still growing. The team here comprises many experienced project managers, developers, team leaders, and web designers. 
  • The Rate of Client Retention in this company is 95% because the clients believe in the work quality and effectiveness of eSparkBiz. 
  • eSparkBiz is ISO 27001 Certified, making it one of India’s top IT Staff Augmentation companies. 
  • The rating of eSparkBiz is 4.9 on Clutch and 5.0 on Hubspot, and the company is a CMMI Level 3 company in India.

2. OSP Labs 

OSP Labs is also a leading IT Staff Augmentation Company in India specializing in Healthcare technologies. It offers end-to-end solutions for various industries and companies. The company has specialized in connecting its clients with top-notch IT experts to tackle highly complex projects conveniently. 

  • This company possesses the experience of around 13 years in the industry.
  • OSP Labs has served 200+ clients with true diligence and at very reasonable offer prices. 
  • More than 150 tech professionals have a lot of experience in various departments. OSP Labs has a team of seasoned health tech experts passionate about creating appropriate solutions for the challenges faced in the Medical Industries. 
  • The developers and project managers simplify the Healthcare workflows to speed up the processing and optimize the operations. 

3. SR Next

SR Next is another company that stands out for its highly recommended performance in the IT Sector for staff augmentation services. Their proactive approach to comprehending client requirements assures smooth integration of augmented staff into existing teams and delivers remarkable results. 

  • SR Next is known for serving 100+ clients. They consider this company as responsive, communicative, efficient, and willing to work actively for them. 
  • They have completed up to 1000+ projects till now, most of which have proved resourceful and notable. 
  • SR Next comprises more than 10 team members with different levels and qualities of expertise in various sectors. 
  • SR Next serves several industries, such as Healthcare, hospitality, education, real estate, and manufacturing. In all of them, accuracy and effectiveness are visible because of the team members’ efforts. 

4. Technology Mindz

Technology Mindz is a trusted company in the IT staff augmentation sector. They offer a big team of skilled professionals who meet vast project demands. Their engagement models are flexible, and they emphasize communication and collaboration because of which businesses prefer them. 

  • Technology Mindz serves customers who have high-oriented goals and purposes. They serve as a reliable partner for their clients. 
  • This company empowers growth with advanced technologies required to achieve its aims. 
  • The empowered team of this company helps their clients by strengthening them with their experiences so that they can deal with the challenges in the future. 
  • Technology Mindz assists in different industries, such as advisory/consulting, real estate, healthcare, education, professional services, banking and financial, e-commerce, and non-profit organizations. 

5. MyData Insights

MyData Insights is also a reputed company in India’s IT Staff Augmentation Companies list. The team of proficient IT experts that it comprises drives businesses to top-notch technologies so that they can stay ahead in the line of the competitive landscape. 

  • MyData Insights has successfully assisted 100+ clients who were so happy with the company’s work. They were really satisfied with the work provided by the company in the staff augmentation sector.
  • With a skillful and experienced team of developers, this company can easily meet the requirements and demands of its customers.
  • The project management team of this company executes their clients’ projects with high dedication and doesn’t leave a trace of disappointment in them.
  • They also claim to analyze and resolve defects in their desired production and improve the software development procedures.  

6. Applify

Amplify was founded in the year 2014. It has been working with several countries and clients since then. It is one of the newest but most popular companies for staff augmenting services.

7. Jana Digital

Jana Digital is a company with a strong track record of offering top-tier IT staff augmentation services. The company commits to building strong and retainable networks with clients and delivers crafted solutions, earning them recognition in the sector. 

  • Jana Digital provides a highly accessible and user-friendly website for clients to view, select, and order paint. The search option is also interactive and convenient. 
  • Jana Digital specializes in driving digital transition for clients using their progressive web and mobile technologies. 
  • Jana Digital provides access to DevOps consulting services that assist in delivering applications with advanced methodologies. They consistently develop software quality and delivery speed in their services.
  • Moreover, their IT staffs offer you agility, flexibility, and insights into business so your projects can get swiftness and timeliness. 

8. Fullstacktechies

Fullstacktechies aims to connect clients with skilled augmented staff for handling their projects efficiently. The company’s commitment is focused on delivering value to their clients and putting in front of them their best work. 

  • Fullstacktechies leverages AI-augmented and Automation solutions that help clients save up to 40 to 70% of their investment. There are choices for engagement models that they can select according to their needs. 
  • Fullstacktechies is ISO 9001-2025 and ISO 27001-2013 certified, which shows how committed they are to providing high-quality and desirable services to their clients. 
  • The Fullstacktechies team comprises an incredibly powerful and dedicated workforce with a great passion for problem-solving, consistency, and hard work in technology. 
  • The support system of Fullstacktechies can be accessed 24/7 with quality-driven and efficient support managers. 

9. Vhigna Corporate

Vhigna Corporate has also earned a reputation as a trusted company in the IT staff augmentation industry. It works with a customer-centric approach, and its professionals emphasize quality and seamless networking with the clients’ teams. 

  • The company has 8+ years of experience in resolving clients’ web issues and has achieved success and reputation in all these years of working. 
  • It has captured 300+ well-reputed clients who were happy and satisfied with the quality of work provided by Vhigna Corporate. 
  • Vhigna has seamlessly accomplished 95 projects and is adding further brilliant projects to its list.
  • The company only hands the final product to its clients after testing it first because applications need fool-proof testing for reliability and robustness before handing them over to the respective clients.

10. Askme Technologies

Askme is a renowned IT staff augmentation company popular for its dedication to providing companies with highly skilled and experienced professionals. The company’s distinct talent pool emphasizes innovation for the best experience for the clients.

  • This company has a team of expert consultants and impressive IT staff augmentation services to businesses that need extra manpower and skill combinations to add to their IT requirements. 
  • Askme provides innovative and client-driven services to its customers worldwide. 
  • Clients could hire committed developers to assist them in working on their project until it becomes satisfactory and effective. 
  • The augmented staff offers well-tailored services, including time-sheet reports, code access, and many more facilities for the clients. 


Whether it is temporary staffing, direct placement, or contract-to-hire service, these IT Augmentation companies provide a wide array of facilities and services that cater to the various needs of businesses and help them grow and succeed. Clients have options of a large team of skilled and experienced IT professionals, with the help of whom they could easily choose the apt talent to meet their staffing requirements. IT Staff Augmentation Companies in India are highly driven towards giving their best to their clients and putting their best work in front of them. Businesses could succeed in the IT sector with these companies’ clear direction and support. 

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