Guide to Install/download AppValley – App on iPad

Guide to Install/download AppValley – an App on iPad

We are writing this article to guide iPad user how to install an AppValley App on their device – iPad

As everyone knows that iPad is a tablet- a secured device to browse web and enjoy other similar activities like computer. It is an iOS based system hence downloading or installing any app on it is not really simple. But there is nothing to panic, AppValley can be installed easily following the below guidelines

Therefore we are guiding the iPad users how to install this App:

Introduction of App – AppValley

It is a third party app installer. It permits to download various kind of tweaked apps, cydia apps, games and emulators. It allows iPad users to download applications which are not available at Apple store. It was introduced in the year 2019 and it’s a independent American digital distribution service, developed by AppValley LLC. A user does not need any kind professional knowledge to use this app store. The user have to download and install the app on device iPad and can start using it.

It has various features such as a user is not required to violate any iOS,iPad laws to install this app. It has frequent update to keep the device updated with all new features and other new apps available in market.

How to download AppValley iOS download

APK download: Before downloading one should set up the device in the following manner;

1st: launch your safari on iPad and enter URL

2nd : when you open the above url it will prompt to choose version iOS or Android.

3rd: It is possible that it may ask configuration of profile, on selection of profile it will pop up with option “Ignore or Allow” select allow.

4th: When the profile is downloaded close the downloading window. On closing the window go back to setting of main menu and select the profile downloaded, on selecting the profile downloaded it will pop up with an option to “cancel” or “Install”. Select to Install.

5th: On selecting to Install, it will ask for passcode, enter passcode and click Next, after selecting Next in completion of installation it will show a button of done, click done and the app in installed.

AppValley apk download

Firstly allow the unknown apps in your settings to install this app. Follow below instructions to allow unknown apps:

First Go to device settings, and then select application setting, select option “unknown source” and enable the same to allow the AppValley – App.

The way this app is installed on iOS system similarly it is easy to install on Android or Google system by following the below steps:

Step one: search Appvalley app and click to AppValley apk download

Step Two: On clicking to download, it will show the apk AppValley (2.2 MB) or latest version, select the latest of 2.2 MB version.

Step Three: thereafter go to file manager and click to install Apk AppValley

Step Four: You get a notification with an option to Install or Cancel, select to install, once installation is completed your app is downloaded successfully and ready to use.

How to use AppValley

On knowing the features of the App you will be excited to use it, but before using one should know how to use it.

Firstly it is a user friendly, Read tips provided in app, it has premium and paid service.

You can install all tweaked++ apps, games officially or unofficially. It has jailbreak, tweaked++ Apps, Movies on iOS, streaming live TV, and many more. No doubt it has frequent ads popping up but that can be overcome by clicking to skip the ad. It has be updated on regular basis to enjoy the app smoothly.

 Alternate Apps to AppValley

There are several Apps which are similar to AppValley but this app is the top most rated app, without having jailbreak to your device iPad/iPhone.

Following are the Apps which are similar and alternative to AppValley for iOS system:

  1. Tutuapp
  2. Apps4iPhone
  3. Appeven
  4. iPastore (It’s a Jailbreak app)
  5. Appcake (It’s a Jailbreak app)
  6. Tweakbox
  7. Emus4u
  8. iNoJB

Most advisable alternative to AppValley App is TweakBox. It is similar to AppValley and it allows to download the apps which are not available on Apple store. It also provides modified version of different apps and games.


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