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Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, United States established on February 10th, 1925 incorporates different campuses in Beatty County and Amarillo. It is a part of the Texas Tech University system, a self-reliant institution that was founded in 1923. TTU offers more than 150 packages across 13 faculties. To enhance the educational format and make learning better and readily available, the university added several tools like TTU Raiderlink, TechMail, and Blackboard.

TTU Blackboard is a Virtual LMS (Learning Management System) of Texas Tech University that is similar to the UEI Student Portal. This portal is available for all the courses which are offered via the institute offering online learning, teaching, and knowledge sharing.

In this article, we are going to talk about TTU Blackboard and all the associated statistics.

TTU Blackboard Account: Setup Process

This platform provides comprehensive insurance and covers all campuses of Texas Tech University. It not only saves time for students but additionally advantages teachers by facilitating verbal exchange through features including blog guides, e-mail, and On The Spot messaging providing an immersive experience. Students of TTU need to log over to the Blackboard and for that, they need to create an account by following the process:

1) Visit the official website of TTU eRaider and Choose the Set Up Account.

2) On the page opened up, fill in all of the required details along

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • D.O.B
  • Code

3) After all the Details are filled press the “Confirm button” & choose the “Terms of Use” and click on “Agree”.

4) count needs manual authentication by a University official using the portal, and then your biographical information is required to be entered. After filling, press “Continue”.

5) Then, the portal needs your Contact Info, used to reset your password or username in any stans. Here, you need to enter the Phone number and a different email address. After that, click on “Continue”.

6)  After that, eRaider will send verification codes to your phone number and email address. So, type the codes into the respective fields and click on “Continue”.

7) Now, type a password of your choice that meets all the requirements and “Continue”.

8) Lastly, overview the information that you have submitted and if it is correct, approve it by choosing “Complete Account Set-Up”, otherwise choose back and re-input the precise information.

9) Note the eRaider Username displayed on the screen.

Now, the portal will take approximately 30 minutes to finalize your account. And as soon as it’s completed, you can easily access your dashboard by using your username and password.


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Texas Tech Blackboard: Requirement for Daily Use & Login Steps

After the account is set up, follow these rules to log into the portal. But before that, you have to satisfy a few conditions:

  • Link to the professional website online of TTU Blackboard.
  • TTU username and password to log in.
  • A device to complete the login procedure.
  • A stable connection or Wi-Fi.
  • An up-to-date version of the net browser.

If all of this is okay then the login steps mentioned below for the Blackboard login TTU. The entire procedure for the same is given under:

  1. First, go to the legit website of Blackboard TTU login.
  2. Now, you’re required to fill in your TTU – e-Raider or TTU-HSC – e-Raider username. Apart from them, you may additionally use your “@ttu.Edu” student portal email to finish the method.
  3. Then, enter your password within the respective field.
  4. Finally, click on the Sign-in button to maintain the portal and get entry to your TTU Blackboard.

Now, you may without difficulty explore the content material of your course, syllabus, examine material, tutorials, and others. For this, you just need to go to the ‘Courses’ link inside the higher proper nook > My Courses > Course.

TTU Blackboard: Benefits of Login

Blackboard serves diverse capabilities to students and makes their college life less complicated. It permits them to publish assignments online and work with diverse built-in web-primarily based gear consisting of e-portfolios, wikis, and blogs.

Here, several advantages that you could enjoy as a pupil after completing the login technique to your TTU Blackboard account are given:

  • It gives the facility of encrypted TechMail to the students, which can also include non-public information in their documents and pics.
  • If you’re reading at TTU, you’ll obtain a unique, encrypted Login ID and password to get the right of entry to the platform.
  • RaderNet enables students to keep updated with their path registration, initiatives, and checks. It also lets them check their rankings, grades, and others.
  • The Blackboard TTU login offers direct access to the Eagle Online TTU login.
  • With the assistance of your account, you may effortlessly send a couple of messages to a couple of users at the same time.
  • An aider account can also be furnished to you for digital identity.
  • As a pupil, you can also evaluate the data about your paintings, assignments, and diploma.
  • The portal facilitates you in checking the complete details regarding your lessons and their timetable.
  • It additionally permits joining a brand new elegance and withdrawing your enrollment from the present-day one on every occasion you want.
  • One of the excellent matters about the Blackboard login is that it provides all the trendy news and updates regarding the notices, press releases, and notifications issued via the college.
  • Also, you can accumulate updates of approximately direct deposits made in your student account.
  • In case of emergency, you can additionally discover a few vital contact numbers here.

All the benefits mentioned above will make the TTU Blackboard Sign-in “User-friendly” and help remote learning to know with clean availability of learning materials and facts.


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TTU Blackboard Login: Reset Username and Password  

If you forget your eRaider username or password, you can reset it by following the instructions provided by Texas Tech University’s IT Services for Students. Here are the steps to reset your password:

  1. Go to the retailer’s website and select “Forgot Password?”
  2. Fill in the correct identification information and answer your forgotten password question correctly.
  3. You will be allowed to reset your password.

If you have not set a forgotten password question, you will need to contact IT Help Central at 742-HELP (4357). If you forget your username, go to the retailer’s website and select “Forgot Username?” Fill in the correct identification information and you will be given your username. Be sure to set a “forgotten password” question, so you can easily reset your password if you forget it.

Please note that you should never share your password with anyone, and no one at TTU is permitted to request your password! If you need further assistance with your eRaider username and password, please contact IT Help Central at 742-HELP (742-4357).

How to Contact to TTU Blackboard Directly?

To directly contact TTU Blackboard support, you can follow these steps:

IT Help Central: Call 806-742-4357 (HELP) for assistance with your eRaider username and password.

Texas Tech University’s IT Services for Students: Follow the instructions provided in 1 to reset your eRaider username or password.

Faculty Blackboard Support: Call 844-897-0537 (Toll-Free) or 806-853-5153 (Local) or visit the Faculty Support Portal for 24-hour faculty Blackboard technical support or email for assistance with Blackboard..

Visit the TTU Blackboard Website: Start by visiting the official Texas Tech University (TTU) website or the TTU Blackboard portal.

Contact Information: Check if there’s a specific phone number, email address, or online form provided for Blackboard support. This might be listed under IT Services, Distance Learning, or Educational Technology departments.

Help Desk: TTU likely has a help desk or IT support center that handles Blackboard-related inquiries. You can contact them directly for assistance.

Student Portal: Log in to your TTU student portal and navigate to the section related to technology support. There may be specific instructions or contact details provided there.

Faculty/Staff Resources: If you’re a faculty member or staff, there might be dedicated resources or contact information for Blackboard support tailored to your role.

Online Resources: TTU may also offer online resources such as FAQs, tutorials, or user guides for troubleshooting common issues with Blackboard. Be sure to explore these resources as they can often provide solutions to your problems.

If you’re unable to find direct contact information for TTU Blackboard support on their website, consider reaching out to the university’s main IT support line or help desk. They should be able to direct you to the appropriate department or provide assistance with your issue.

Never share your password with anyone, and TTU never asks for your password! If you need further assistance, please contact IT Help Central at 742-HELP (742-4357).


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In short, the TTU Blackboard platform is user-friendly, open, bendy, and centered on improving students’ achievements and also serves as a Student Information System.

It also invites professors to share their schedules, minds, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, and exam papers with pupils. Apart from that, college students also can get easy entry into the course, assignments, and opportunities for group collaboration.

In case you are going through some issues regarding the blackboard even after going through this newsletter, you may visit the professional login portal of TTU or ask your question on the above-referred contact info. Apart from that, you could physically visit the management table if viable.


Q1. How do I create a test in Blackboard?

A: To create a take-a-look in Blackboard, navigate to the Course Content page and pick the plus signal wherever you want to feature a take-a-look. In the menu, pick Create to open the Create Item panel and choose Test.

Q2. How do I copy tests or pools from one Blackboard course into another?

A: To copy tests or pools from one Blackboard course into another, you can export and import tests, surveys, and pools as ZIP files that you or other instructors can import into other courses.

Q3. How to reopen a Blackboard test for specific students after the initial closing date?

A: To reopen a Blackboard test for specific students after the initial closing date, you can “ignore” the current attempt for that student from the Full Grade Center and then use the Test Availability Exceptions in Test Options to give that student an exception to take the exam after the close date.


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