Whatsapp Clone: What is the easiest way to develop an app like Whatsapp in 2021?

Whatsapp Clone: What is the easiest way to develop an app like Whatsapp in 2021?

Whatsapp is one of the most famous online messaging apps for both iPhone and Android devices that made its appearance in the market in 2009. At first, it was just like a start-up online messenger app. After that, it ensured its immense growth by involving around 250000 new users in it every month. The worldwide business of Whatsapp messenger is now expanded over 169 countries, including India, Argentina, Germany, UK, Kenya, USA, Malaysia, etc. 

However, in this article, we will discuss some efficient tips regarding the development of an app similar to Whatsapp. Hence, if you want to build whatsapp clone android source code, this article might appear to be quite helpful to you. 

The reasons behind the success of Whatsapp:

There are numerous reasons available for which Whatsapp messenger has become so successful in the modern world. End-to-end encryption technology is the most significant feature of this app that has made Whatsapp way better and secure than its other competitors. Moreover, the app is equally compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, so people from both ends can take advantage of it. 

On the other hand, Whatsapp came into the market with a unique concept compared to other relevant applications. Before Whatsapp, sending messages to your favorite person was pretty costly and limited. But, the appearance of Whatsapp made it easy by offering the free messaging feature to users across the world. Additionally, you can send free multimedia content such as photos, documents, videos in this app. 

Furthermore, on Whatsapp, you can’t get yourself connected to a person unless you have their contact number. Plus, if the person is already on your contact list, Whatsapp won’t ask for their username to add them. It made the overall process convenient compared to Skype. 

Now, let’s take a look at how to build an app like Whatsapp. 

How to develop an app like Whatsapp in 2021?

It is not that easy to create and develop an app with the same features available as Whatsapp. It would be best to follow our given instructions to get your job done at ease. 

Select the appropriate business model:

There is no doubt that you have to select the appropriate business model first to achieve success before you start developing an app like Whatsapp. To make your app worthy and superior, keep yourself focused on checking the specifications and features you should include in your app. Otherwise, your app development campaign will undoubtedly be meshed up. 

Target your audience base:

Your revenue from your business will depend on how many users you achieve through your app. Hence, it would be better to select your targeted audiences first who will use your app once it is introduced in the market. You should analyze their requirements, preferences, and specifications to create your app according to their demands. For instance, the younger generation and people who work in corporate sectors prefer Whatsapp as it is extremely secure and easy to handle. 

If you do not prioritize your audiences, your newly developed application won’t get enough responses from the users. Thus, the app development campaign might end up as a massive failure. 

Make your selected model monetized:

Nothing is more important than generating good revenue from your app. Therefore, you have to monetize your business models to gain massive profits when developing an app that resembles Whatsapp. You may add charges for premium features, advertisements, in-app purchasing components to get more profits from your application. As an example, users of your application can purchase emoji packs or sticker packs for a better chatting experience. 

Watch out for your competitors:

Nowadays, the competition in every industry has immensely increased. Therefore, it is very crucial to know your competitors first to stand out in the modern market. Moreover, you will get an overall view of the latest market trends by analyzing your competitors so that you can develop your application in the best way possible. Without proper marketing evaluation, making an app like Whatsapp that has around 1.5 billion active users in 2021 is literally impossible. 

Enhance your promotional campaign:

When your developed application is available on the play store, keep yourself focused on the promotional campaign of your app so that many people can download it. An efficient promotional campaign can help your app to reach millions of users within a few times. You can make use of traditional advertising, direct marketing channels, or social media as the main promotional strategies for your application. 


Hopefully, you have come to know the easiest way to create an app like Whatsapp these days. Besides, take the programming language and the latest technology into consideration to code your app like WhatsApp properly so that it can give enhanced performance even in high traffic.

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