Track these statistics on social media

Track these statistics on social media

If you work with social networks, then you understand how important it is to keep track of statistics.  Statistics reflect the effectiveness of your ad campaign.  With the help of analytics, you can understand what content viewers like and why.

Statistics help you define your audience and better understand their needs.

Analysis and statistics are very important components of your promotion.  For example, if you have a Spotify account.  You can see how often people click on Spotify listens and understand how important it is for your audience.  If this query is popular, then in the future you can develop this topic more on your channel or blog.

What can you get with social media analytics?

  • You can track a company’s reputation and maintain a positive image. How?  For example, if a negative comment or mention appears, it is necessary to respond promptly, build the correct dialogue and communication with consumers.
  • Social analytics allows you to receive more complete and truthful information about advertising campaigns and promotions, as well as the level of user involvement.
  • This is a chance to strategize and plan wisely because statistics allow you to take into account the preferences of the target audience.
  • Social media analytics makes it possible to study consumers by geography, their customer preferences depending on the place of residence, age, gender, etc.


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Key tasks according to which the system for social media analysis is selected

  • Finding optimal client insights. Social analytics identify key customer needs.  For this, comments, reviews, etc. are studied.
  • Evaluation of advertising campaigns. This task is aimed at the correct construction of communication between the company and customers.
  • Brand analysis. Constant monitoring allows you to track all outbursts of negativity and promptly neutralize crises.
  • Choice of opinion leaders. By simply tracking the number of shares and activity on social platforms, you can identify users whose opinion is considered by the target audience.

Monitoring allows you to solve several problems at once, bringing the company’s work to a fundamentally new level in the field of reputation management, PR, and marketing.  Today’s consumers of goods and services are constantly in touch, striving to be aware of all the news – it is important for them to know what a particular product is and what others think of it.  It is in the interests of each company to be at this moment as close to the consumer as possible, to promptly respond to his requests (sometimes even before he had time to formulate them!), To conduct a continuous dialogue with him, as well as to deal with conflict situations.  By studying comments, praises, wishes or complaints, the company gets the opportunity to revise the plan for further actions and thereby improve the quality of its work.

By tracking audience activity, you know what consumers are saying about you and gain the ability to manage your brand’s online reputation.  On the one hand, your advertising message affects the audience, on the other hand, words about you are written by real consumers.  According to statistics, about 70% of consumers are not ready to use the products or services of a company with a low rating.  By regularly monitoring social media, you can pay more attention to the quality of your work, respond faster to customer complaints and increase their level of satisfaction, thereby improving your image. Whether social media marketing is your trade or you just love populating your timeline with beautiful social media post.

A striking example is a scandal that occurred with the international restaurant chain KFC.  When the company went out of business following a change in chicken supplier, more than 900 restaurants around the world were closed.  In response to a wave of social media outrage, the company’s management posted an ad, designed by Mother London, all over The Sun and Metro, pleading guilty and promising to fix it.  Through this reaction to the situation, the company’s reputation was saved.


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Collecting mentions and practicing them allows for close interaction with your target audience.  The more often you communicate with people who need your products or services, the higher their level of loyalty and interest in you.  Even the banal “Thank you, we are very pleased that you appreciate our work” in response to a positive review left by one of our clients will increase the credibility of you and your brand.

As an example, here is the correct response of one of the restaurants to a customer’s comment from the point of view of working on reputation.  The very next day after the review was posted, the company gave an official response, thanking the visitor for the review, apologizing for the inconvenience, and promising to work on the errors.

Thesis 1. Create corporate accounts on the sites where you are most often mentioned.

Thesis 2. React to comments and reviews quickly, ideally, the response time should not exceed 24 hours.

Thesis 3. Be polite and correct, remain calm, even if you are sure that the client is wrong.

Thesis 4. Help people solve their problems, answer the questions asked in detail.

Thesis 5. Respond to all reviews – both positive and negative.  Try not to answer them with hackneyed formulaic phrases, look for a personal approach to each person.

Thesis 6. Work on the principle of “find and neutralize”: when a negative review appears, pay maximum attention to the client and make sure that you did everything possible to change his point of view about the company and become more loyal.

Thesis 7. Use the information received to improve the work of the company.  If your target audience is complaining about your staff, you might want to pay more attention to HR.  Are claims for the quality of goods?  It is probably worth looking for new suppliers or improving technology if you are a manufacturer.  Think of negative customer feedback not as an annoyance, but as an invaluable experience!  Indeed, it is thanks to such reviews that you have the opportunity to work on yourself and become better.

Start your promotion in the best way. Use these tips and become popular. Develop your blog by the right way.

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