Tips for video marketing

Tips for video marketing

Do you want to start making money by making videos?  Do you have a YouTube channel, a Tik Tok account, an Instagram page?  Monetize these resources.  You can become popular using quality promotion methods.  If you use a trusted service, then you can quickly increase your rating.  Here are some video marketing tips for you.

Try to keep your content fresh

The best content is unique content, do not forget that the world is changing every day.  Sometimes, you can make an old video new by simply updating it.  Add your twist and idea and tell the story in a new way.  Each person is individual and if you tell your interpretation, it will already be new.

Trends are constantly updating, try to keep track of them.  To be a trend is to be in a trend.

Come up with your own look

You can have an unusual hair color, a cheerful voice, an interesting heading.  To identify you, you need to be distinguished from others.  Enter the heading “Interview with girlfriends”, “Gossip and wine”.

Be proactive

Make sure you are recognized.  If you want your videos to be watched, liked and commented on, then do so in return.  Subscription for subscription, like for like.  In each of your videos, try to call people to action.  You have to get people to react.  At the end of each of your videos, ask your audience a question.  For example, you are shooting a video about fashion, at the end of the video ask people a question.  “Which image did you like best?”  or “How much do you think the most fashionable image is worth”.  People need to be provoked.  Try to engage your audience in your life.  Make your users active.  If you are on Instagram, then try to post more posts, games and animations.  Create contests with prizes.  For example, a person who leaves more comments will receive a T-shirt as a gift.  Your users should be interested in your content.

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Make friends with the same interests

If you are filming a YouTube video about cars, then find people who do the same.  You can advertise to each other, talk about each other.  Users will understand that you are sociable and knowledgeable about your topic.

If you want to become a blogger, then look at other bloggers.

Analyze their accounts.  Learn from other people’s mistakes, see statistics.  You can understand which content your audience likes and why.  Watch videos of others and improve them.  Supplement them with those things that are missing.  Pay attention to what promotion mechanisms they use. Youtube subscribers are so important for ranking.

Create videos based on audience requests

When representatives of the target audience search for a target request in a search engine, they will see your video and, if it turns out to be useful, interesting and meets the requests, you will receive potential customers.  Budget promotion – in order to promote a video you need to: ⎯ create it at the request of users;  ⎯ intelligently optimize it by choosing a title with a keyword and adding a description with keywords.

Placing a video on a website, on a business card page, in a group, in a blog increases the number of visits to the Internet resource, which has a positive effect on its promotion.

High conversion

videos convert several times better than text.  For example, a video posted on a landing page can increase its conversion by up to 80%.

Internet users are more likely to watch videos than read text.

Trust and loyalty – video content inspires trust in the audience.  Video allows the brand to be open and transparent, to show its true “face”, to address the audience with a proposal, tell about innovations, and share news.

Trust is one of the most important ingredients in sales.  Moreover, in the video your product looks realistic, “alive” – the buyer gets the impression that he held it in his hands and examined it from all sides.

It is beneficial for video hosting that viewers stay on the site as long as possible, because during this time they will see more ads, which is why YouTube promotes videos and channels that keep visitors as long as possible.

videos convert several times better than text. For example, a video posted on a landing page can increase its conversion by up to 80%.

Recommendation of videos to users

One of these is the recommendation of videos to users (the algorithm takes into account the interests of the viewer, topics of channels, preferences).  If a person is shown what he is interested in, he will stay on the site for as long as possible.  What are the criteria for the video to be included in similar lists?

similar keywords and tags;

✔ similar titles and descriptions;

✔ similar characteristics (user activity, number of views, retention, timing);

✔ Similar authority and channel weight.  Similar ones work most effectively if viewers watch as long as possible and are active when switching from videos.

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