Tech Gifts to Delight Your Tech-Savvy Man

Tech Gifts to Delight Your Tech-Savvy Man

Technology is advancing with a rapid invention and pace, and with this comes an abundance of gadgets that we can choose from. Whether if you are looking for the latest in TV technology or want to find out more about the newest mobile phone on the market, it’s important to know what you’re looking for before making your purchase. 

This article will give you insights on how to make sure you get exactly what you need when buying new tech gadgets.

If you’re looking for gifts for tech guys, here is a list of gifts that will definitely make your life easier.

Tuneup Utilities

If he’s the type to work from home, chances are he might be using his laptop as much as possible. Making sure before purchasing that it runs smoothly and efficiently is always a good idea. Why not give him a hand by gifting him software or gadgets that can help speed up his computer? A piece of software like Tuneup Utilities ($39) will clean out junk files to optimize your PC’s performance.

External battery

If he spends more time on the go, then an external battery pack would be extremely practical. It can charge all types of electronic devices, including iPhones and another mobile. The HyperJuice External Battery Pack ($199.99) is a laptop battery that can charge gadgets up to six times over, making it ideal for extended trips away from an outlet; the best part? It’s worth its weight in gold and runs on Mac and PC!

Orb Audio Mini-T Amplifier

If he likes to carry his music with him everywhere he goes, then gifts like the Orb Audio Mini-T Amplifier ($299.95) is perfect as it will allow him to enjoy high fidelity music anywhere he goes. The speaker system delivers big sound without the bulk of speakers or boxes normally associated with them – you can also expect some top quality bass reproduction as well!


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Nyko Wand Station for the PlayStation

Have a Tech Guy Who Loves Gadgets? He’ll Have Some Fun With This Offer: $50 Off Every Gadget They Sell If he already has a high-powered tablet, why not gift him accessories that will make it even more efficient? The Nyko Wand Station for the PlayStation Move ($29.99) is an add-on that allows you to use your PS3 controller wirelessly. Not only does this mean fewer cables and clutter, but it also means a wider range of movement, which can help to enhance gameplay!

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Battery Pack 

Another great idea would be gifts like the Xbox 360 Wireless

Controller Battery Pack ($24.24). It comes with rechargeable battery packs, so he doesn’t have to deal with the hassle of finding new AA batteries every time his controller dies during a crucial part of a game. Also, anytime you buy two or more gifts from Know Your Cell, you take $50 off your order.

Fitness Tracker: 

If someone is a fitness enthusiast, then you can also gift him a fitness tracker. These amazing fitness trackers are the best way to keep up with your health and fitness goals, so he’ll be able to monitor his progress while staying motivated. They are super effective, and the plus point is that they lie under the budget. You can get any of the best fitness trackers under $50 from the online or offline market. You can also go for a smart watch, but they are a bit costly. 

Wireless Ear bud

Looking for gifts under $50? These wireless ear buds are a great idea! They’re compact, easy to transport, and they let your tech guy listen to his favorite music without worrying about bulky cords.

Charging station

Need gifts for a tech guy who’s always losing his phone? A cool charging station will make sure he never has to hunt around the house again. This one from Belkin is sleek and compact, so it can fit right on any surface at home or in the office!

Wireless speaker

For gifts under $50, Amazon speakers are considered the Best Alexa Speaker for music! Not only does it look good in any decorating scheme or on a bedside table, but it also has a rechargeable battery so he can take it with him wherever he goes. It’s a perfect gift for a music lover too.


Looking for gifts under $75? This awesome TV is a perfect choice! It’s a great size and has amazing picture quality, so he’ll be able to watch his favourite shows or play video games on this cool new gadget.

Apple watch:

Have you seen the latest Apple Watch? If your tech guy loves using his device to stay up to date on information or communicate, then this is the perfect gift for him! This watch is sleek and stylish but also has tons of cool features that will have him using it all the time.

Charging Case for iPhone

If you’re shopping for someone with an iPhone, you’ll love this cool new charging case. It’s perfect for someone who loves their phone and wants to be able to use it 24/7.

Know Your Cell has gifts for every guy on your list – not just tech enthusiasts! They have gifts for dads, gifts for boyfriends or husbands, even gifts for brothers and gifts for friends to make it easy to find something special regardless of who you’re shopping for.

The top gifts this year are the Orb Audio Mini-T Amplifier that delivers big sound without boxes normally associated with speakers or the Slim Leather Wallet Phone Case that not only offers all-around protection but also features slots where you can keep credit cards to cut down on extra bulk in pockets. 

Conclusion paragraph:

If you’re looking for gifts for tech guys that will put a smile on the face of your favourite tech enthusiast, this is the article to read. Whether he’s always losing his phone or wants to be able to watch movies in bed without having cords get in the way, we’ve got some great ideas for him. We also have gift guides specifically tailored to people who are really into fitness and want their gadgets with them at all times. Do check out and read our other articles if you need more inspiration about the latest technology trends!

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