5 Smart Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Business

When social media was invented, we knew that it would have a profound effect on our
lives. Social media has become a very important if not a central part of people’s lives.
Statistics show that today, 7 in 10 Americans use social media, but only 5% of Americans
used it in 2005.

However, businesses have discovered that it is a marketing goldmine. With the advent of
social media marketing, companies can reach more people than before social media. Read
on to find helpful tips and strategies on how to use social media to your advantage.

Five Smart Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Plan your marketing goals and objectives

If you want to kickstart your social media marketing strategy, you must have a well-laid
plan of action with specific goals. Knowing what you want is the first step to achieving it.

If you don’t have goals, how will you measure your strategies; success or adapt them
according to your customers; needs? Your plans for your social media growth should be the
same as your marketing strategies.

Ensure you write your goals if you want to achieve them. A study showed that you’re 30%
more likely to succeed if you write your goals down. Other studies estimated the number to
be as high as 40%.

2. Do proper research on your audience

It’s imperative to connect and actively engage with your audience if you want your
marketing efforts to succeed in today’s world. To do this, you must know who your
audience is, their pain points, what they like, what triggers their emotions, etc.
You must tell their needs, wants, and desires if you’re going to create a social media
marketing strategy that will produce results.

3. Set up contests to improve your social media marketing

Setting up a successful social media contest is a great tactic to use. It will make you more
visible and engage your followers.

There are several social contest tools you can leverage to create successful giveaways. A
successful contest must offer something of remarkable value to your audience. Think of an
irresistible offer to present to your audience.

4. Carefully plan your social media content

You must carefully prepare each piece of content you post on social media. You can’t post
content just for the sake of it. Regardless of the social media platform, you’re using, and you have to learn how they work. For instance:

  • LinkedIn – It’s a professional network that is ide for B2B audiences. LinkedIn also
    has LinkedIn Pulse, which is a content publishing and distribution platform.
  • Facebook – Only very few people don’t have an active Facebook account. It is perfect for news/entertainment-related content. Although Facebook Pages have some difficulties with performance, you can use Facebook Groups to connect with your ideal audience.
  • Instagram – This is the ideal platform for you if your content is mostly visual. Static images and short videos work very well, but if you want to drive traffic to your blog, Instagram may not be the best platform to use.
  • Pinterest – It’s very similar to Instagram, as it is highly visual too. While it’s restricted to static images, it is an excellent platform for driving traffic to your blog.

5. Limit the sales tactics

Pushy, old-fashioned marketing became obscure long ago for obvious reasons. People don’t
want to be sold to, but they love to buy.

Your audience wants to have a real connection and relationship with you before buying
your products. It’s the number 1. marketing secret that will make your audience trust you.

And, if they trust you, they’ll be willing to buy from you. Consumers find it annoying when businesses are too focused on selling or promoting their products. A study conducted by Sprout Social reported that 57.5% of people are irritated with brands that care more about marketing their products than getting to know their customers.

Instead, consistently create content that people love and will find useful. Your content
should lead them to what you have to offer without being pushy. If you need a good logo
that will help your audience identify with your brand, try this resource.


Social media marketing is here to stay. These tips will help you use social media to build a
community of loyal customers and bring

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