Don’t Reinvent the Wheel- Realtor Postcards Are a Tried And True Marketing Strategy

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel- Realtor Postcards Are a Tried And True Marketing Strategy

There are many ways to market yourself as a realtor, and every experienced real estate agent has theories and marketing practices that work for them. 

However, we have found that real estate postcards and social media are the go-to for most successful realtors. 

In this article, we will answer the question of how to market yourself in real estate by looking at the methods the best realtors use, including real estate postcards.

Realtor Postcards Are a Proven Strategy

Although real estate postcards may seem like an archaic marketing strategy, especially in the day and age of the internet, successful realtors still swear by this marketing strategy. What makes real estate postcard marketing so effective is the ability to hyperfocus on a certain market area. You can limit your mailings to a single neighborhood and even create a mailing list only targeting houses you know interested in entering their property in the market. This makes real estate postcards the most effective marketing tool for generating leads.

Additionally, real estate postcards are a great way to build brand recognition in a target market. A postcard almost always contains a professional headshot of yourself and property in the area you’re either listing or selling, indicating you are an authority figure in the local housing market, so when the time comes for someone to sell, they will look to you to get the best deal on their home. When considering how to market yourself in real estate, you should first look at realtor postcards.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Another great way to get the most of your marketing is to use social media to your advantage. Now social media isn’t typically used to generate leads, and you won’t see immediate returns on investment in your social media work. However, social media is critical for building brand recognition, as most of your potential clients will spend their time online. Using social media to tout your expertise and produce helpful content for those looking to buy or sell property can endear you to potential customers.

Build a Well Functioning Website

Once your brand recognition has reached a point where people are searching for you organically, the first place they will turn to to find out more about you and your real estate company is your website. It is crucial to make an excellent first impression with your website, so take the time and effort to build a well-functioning website. You may even want to spend money on a professional website builder to complete your dream website.

Hire a Professional Photographer

You will need plenty of professional photos when it comes to real estate marketing. You’ll need headshots for your website, postcards, and professional pictures of the properties. Spending the money on an experienced photographer can reward you greatly in your marketing efforts.

Real estate marketing takes effort and consistency

You should now know the basics of successfully marketing yourself in real estate. The next step is consistency. Unfortunately, you probably won’t see results right away, but you’ll eventually see the returns if you keep at it.

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