All about Monomousumi.Com : Know Here!

All about Monomousumi.Com : Know Here!

Monomousumi was founded by Mousumi Kundu and launched on May 2018. It is a content writing digital media platform. It is a pioneer in content writing, digital marketing, publishing, and editing.

Monomousumi started its business with content writing but today it has become more popular for Digital Magazine, Weaver in versatile language, Editing and digital marketing. It has been creating content for clients for more than a decade across the globe. It has been successful in helping clients in generating leads, viewers and followers for their brand on the digital platform.

It makes sure to publish advertisements under the advertising policy led by the government and adhere the advertisement policy strictly, and manage to keep relation with client and audience friendly and comfortable.

It writes an effective and creative IPR content as per the requirement of the client and brand to market and promote their businesses to reach the targeted audience. The content is produced in high quality, as the content services are provided to meet the diverse needs of the brand, be it a blog, website, product sales, or marketing for any kind of services. One can always rely on them to articulate their brand story, or to generate new leads, and get the maximum viewers and reach the brand to sky, by the excellent content writing at

It has been providing content writing services in following sectors viz:

  • Entertainment
  • Movie promotions and Reviews
  • Accessories
  • Health tips
  • Tours and travels
  • Apparels
  • Shopping
  • Home furnishing
  • Magazines
  • E-commerce and online brand promotion
  • Online media publishing such as newspapers, magazines and books

Another astonishing thing about this website is, that it is a great platform for new comers in the field of content writing. As the world is running towards social media and living in digital world, we are growing in the crowd of writers who could write and explore, hence it allows people globally to express themselves in form of writing, and allow to pen down their feelings and share it with It absolute policy:“We care for people, so we allow to share their thoughts with people for the people around the sphere of world”.

It has been consistently conducting contests to inspire those who wish to make their career in writing for digital Marketing, SEO writing, content writing, technical writing, feature writing, copywriting, writing blogs, research, essay writing, editing, e-writing, and other social media related activities. This contest is conducted to connect with talented people who can write and who wish to write. is a place where it gardens and nurtures the talent of writers from fresher’s to advance, and promotes the brand to reach the sky and be successful.

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