7 Mistakes You Should Avoid for Perfect Instagram SEO

7 Mistakes You Should Avoid for Perfect Instagram SEO

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, is a process through which you can enhance the quantity and quality of your website traffic. But do you know you can also apply SEO to optimize your Instagram account?

Undoubtedly, it needs effort and strategy to see your website or Instagram account at the top of the search results. But only a few entrepreneurs and marketers know the tricks of the Instagram algorithm or the optimization techniques.

Whether you promote your account, gain new followers, boost your product sales and engagement, SEO is applicable everywhere. Because of the algorithm, Instagram is the perfect platform for optimization.

Though you may think that SEO for Instagram pages are not too hard to handle, many business owners and entrepreneurs make several mistakes unknowingly when optimizing a profile. In this article, we will discuss those mistakes.

Inconsistent and Cheesy Feed

You may assume that creating an Instagram account and sharing photos or videos is not a big deal. However, maintaining a business profile is a lot more complicated. You must know how to create a cohesive feel for your profile. In other words, you need to upload professional content consistently.

You can’t accomplish consistency overnight. It requires a little bit of hard work and time to analyze each post logically in terms of a caption, hashtag, posting frequency, and timing.

To fulfill your business goals, post as often as you can, and maintain a decent consistency. Although there is no ideal time to upload your content, you can find yours by testing different timings.

Don’t Use Irrelevant hashtags

While people optimize their Instagram account, they end up making one of the most common mistakes, and that is using irrelevant hashtags or not using any hashtag at all. According to Forbes.com, hashtags are the key to boost your business on Instagram.

For that reason, always remember to use appropriate hashtags relevant to your post. Instead of choosing any random hashtags, try to choose only trendy tags among them.

If you want a more successful outcome, try to choose your brand’s custom hashtags. Custom hashtags can play a crucial role to build your business across the user base.

You Forget To Change Location Tags

Location tags are very important when optimizing your Instagram account. Most international business owners forget to change their location tags for each post. For example, when you open a new restaurant in a specific area, you have fewer locations tags available for that specific area. You can’t use vague location tags, because it will only attract an irrelevant audience.

In other cases, if you’re thinking about growing your business beyond a particular area and you’re ready to serve customers from different cities or even countries, then you must change location tags frequently.

Your Instagram Account Is a Private Account

This is a crucial mistake many entrepreneurs make. If you do not public your Instagram account, then no one except your followers will be able to see your posts or stories. Your followers will not be able to share your story or posts. Hence you won’t get any extra like, views, or even a single share. As a result, new audiences will be unable to reach your account.

If you made your account public and still not receiving enough likes, then buy 50 likes on Instagram.

You Have an Obscure Username

Whether you know it or not, your username holds great value. Your username is the only thing that will help your audience to find you. That’s why you shouldn’t use unsearchable usernames. Instead, try to use a username that is more relevant to your brand name. As username is your primary keyword, it should be readable, short, and distinctive.

Remember, you should explain the meaning of your username to the audience just to clear any confusion. Additionally, try to write the username in a language that is accepted by your audience.

You Forget To Use Alt Text on Images

Another most essential function many business owners miss out on is the alt text. However, this feature was developed to help visually impaired people. But, now it’s a common thing for Instagram SEO.

You Forget To Include Keywords in Your Bio

This is a necessary part of your Instagram SEO strategy. You need to focus on your Instagram bio, as it is the perfect place to put your primary and secondary keywords. But don’t flood your bio with inappropriate keywords because you need to keep it readable.

Your profile bio represents your whole Instagram account. So, you need to focus on optimizing it.


These are the 7 mistakes you should avoid at any cost when optimizing your Instagram account for SEO. Remember, even a slight step in the wrong direction can shatter your overall Instagram SEO strategy.


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