How to Make an iPhone App for Free in 3 Steps with Appy Pie?

How to Make an iPhone App for Free in 3 Steps with Appy Pie

Mobile applications have become an inevitable support system of modern human life. Most applications are found on the Google and Apple store, and they run on devices powered by iOS or Android. All mobile apps have a common motive for making business profits. There are a lot of iPhone app development companies that execute the process of developing the apps. But you will be amazed to know that creating a free iPhone app can be easy. No matter how complicated a procedure it might be, the right app maker can simplify the process.

Technological advancement and outstanding features are the main reasons why most people have started purchasing iOS devices, especially the iPhone. As a result, most app designing companies take the support of Appy Pie to create iPhone apps.

Make an iPhone App for Free

As per the study of Statista, currently, the percentage of free apps in the Apple Store nears about 92%. Most of these apps have an alternative way of earning money. The free apps allow advertisers to publish their content on the app’s interface and earn money. Moreover, there is a procedure for making money from the add-ons of the app.

Here are the three main steps of making free iPhone apps on the Appy Pie discussed comprehensively. If you are a freelance designer or an employee of a certain company, you can follow the steps and handle the Appy Pie, app maker.

Step 1: Primary planning for creating an iPhone application

Different aspects come under the primary planning of creating an iPhone application. If you are the designer, the first task for you will be to talk with the client and set the app’s name. In case you are making an app for yourself or your client, plan for a particular colour scheme, and customizing traits for your application.

Here are the details you should keep in mind while selecting the app’s name, colour scheme, and customizing traits while designing it on Appy Pie.

For the name of the app:

  • The name of the application acts as the primary symbol of communication-based on which your customers can recognise you
  • Make sure the app name relates to your brand and the service you are providing to the people
  • The name you give your app must be sleek and have a global touch
  • Try naming your app that is phonetically soothing and simple in terms of pronunciation.

There is a platform that asks you for your app’s name on the Appy Pie app maker. You can change it anytime while developing the application.

For the colour scheme of the app:

  • Try to add the colour scheme of the iPhone app depending on the brand and the USP
  • Choose from the design scheme of the Appy Pie app maker
  • Check if the colour scheme of the app is soothing to your eyes and change it if needed

Some of the colour schemes you can find on the application are Cheerful Cherry, Go Green, Techno Grey, Deep Ocean, etc. As you work with the application

For customization of the app:

There are different icons on the Appy Pie app maker you can use to customise the making. Some of those icons are briefly mentioned here:

  • The Splash screen: The splash screen is the primary screen to see the vehicle the app is launched. This acts both as the introduction display of your app and the background.
  • App Icon: The app icon is a logo that the app’s end-users can see during usage. As a designer, you can add many app icons to your app in a planned way. You can get here premium logo design service in cheap price.
  • The app’s layout: The layout of an application depends entirely on you as you can place all elements on the app. You can go to the app layout section and select a specific app layout that you feel is the best. Make sure you consider your target audience and an easy layout.
  • Colours and fonts : After the layout is done, you can do choose the colours and fonts. The colours and fonts in your app depend primarily on the specific purpose of why you are opening your app. The best you can do is check a few leading layouts for creating an application.

Make sure you choose the colours that make every content easily readable and fonts according to your application’s purpose.

Step 2: Search for the right testing device

As you are creating the iPhone app, the best testing device for you will be the smart gadgets that have iOS installed in them. Once you have completed step 1, you can scan the QR provided by the app maker or click on the link to download an application.

On Appy Pie, you can get a tag that asks you about your choice whether you want to design an iPhone or Android app.

Once you have done the installation, you should navigate through the application. As a designer, you mus9t carry out this navigation process minutely to check any flaw present in your app. In case, you find any drawback, open the Appy Pie dashboard and make the necessary changes.

The best you can do is check out the relevant tutorial videos that can help you understand the whole process clearly.

Step 3: Adding features to the application and making it ready for publication

There are some crucial features that you can add to your iPhone application to make it more relevant to your end-users. Here, the details of adding each feature to your application are given in brief:

  • Blog: The blog feature helps you to add or link up blogs to your app. These blogs are mostly added from third-party sites, and they help the end-users get relevant information about your brand. You can search for the ‘Blog’ feature from the main dashboard of the Appy Pie app.

The tag’s name is ‘Blogs’, but you can change it with the service’s relevancy. Adding an icon image is also an easy task. Once you are done with adding the icon, just save all the changes that you have made.

  • Directory: Your iPhone app comprising the directory feature can help you add up locations to your business. Moreover, you can earn a commission on your app after tying up with other local businesses.

You have to pay a certain amount to the Appy Pie app maker to add this feature to your app. Adding this feature is the same as you can get access to it by the Appy Pie dashboard. Make sure your payment is successfully made,

With the “Directory’ tag, you can connect the app layout. Moreover, you can customize the directory into subparts as per the need.

  • Event: The event page can be added to your iPhone app if you plan for one. This feature can also be added with the help of the same dashboard. However, you should mention the type of event on your app.

In the same way, you can add many other features, maps, news, education, and coupon to your application. Do not forget to check if all the features fit comfortable with the application layout as it can help the end-users navigate through the app easily.

Making the app ready for publishing

All major application development companies consider testing the application thoroughly before publishing it. As a designer, you should also do the same. As you know about the testing devices already, try to communicate with the client and carry out a thorough testing process once the iPhone app is ready.

You can find many problems arising while some of the features might not work correctly on the first go. In case such a situation arises, you have to open the dashboard again and make the necessary changes.

Consider completing both Alpha and Beta Testing. In the Alpha testing case, you can allow some random app users to test the new app you have made on your site. Ensure your client (if any) is also present in the app testers group.

The Beta testing is different as you can release the Beta version for the iPhone app you have made for the people. Always track the information about the app’s usage from the testers to ensure your application works correctly.

Once everything goes well for quite an extended period, you can think about publishing the application.

App publishing and promoting.

Publishing an iPhone app can be tricky, and for that, your application must satisfy all the terms of the Apple app store. The best you can do is to check all the terms of the Apple app store at first and design the app accordingly.

After publishing the app, you need to promote it properly. You can either put up advertisements in other applications or choose the mass media. If you have made an app for a client, instruct him to look for an experienced marketing team. You must do the same if you have designed it for your own.


With the right guideline, you can easily design an iPhone app studded with features. Just make sure you execute the three main steps and all the sub steps accurately while developing the app. The best you can do is to visit the official website of Appy Pie for any further information.

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