How to stream 9anime tv on an Android TV?

How to stream 9anime tv on an Android TV?

Find here detail guide on How to stream 9anime tv on an Android TV?

9anime is the most popular website to watch anime online. It has a wide range of quality content which one can watch totally free of cost. The best thing is that there is not a single legal issue while browsing anime on 9anime tv. Usually, people use their smartphones, laptop, personal computers or tablets to browse anime.

Not all the websites are compatible with android tv, and that’s the main reason behind the people’s love for 9anime as it allows the audience to browse anime on television. If you have also bought a firestick/android tv, and your kids want to watch anime series then follow the below-given process step by step.

How to stream 9anime with firestick/android television?

We have done the process with amazon firestick 4k by using silk browser. But these instructions would also work with any android tv. First of all, if you have an android tv, then we recommend using google chrome or puffin tv as a browser.

  • Connect with IPVANISH VPN:

If you have already installed the IPVANISH app, then just connect your tv with it to ensure the safety. But if you didn’t have then install it, because without VPN you can’t browse 9anime on television, after connecting with VPN, exit from there and go to the home screen.

  • Find Silk Browser:

For the next step, you have to come back to the home screen and search there for silk browser. Select the silk browser from the results and download it.

  • Launch browser:

After that, you need to launch the silk browser in your android television. For this process first, you have to hold the home button of your remote, then click on the app when it appears on the screen. When you enter in the app, then select the options button and then select move. Now you can move the app anywhere you want to place. Now you are ready to launch silk browser in your television.

  • Search website:

You have almost done the process, now just click on the search icon and enter and then click “go”.

That’s all; now you are ready to stream 9anime tv on your firestick/android television. You can also mark it as a bookmark by simply clicking on the start button. Maybe you will get a notification from the browser; “ 9anime wants to send you notifications”, just block it.

Note: whatever you are streaming, your internet service provider always keeps an eye on it. Maybe your data gets stolen by some criminal activist. So it is really essential to secure yourself with IPVANISH VPN. Your IP address points back to your exact location and identity, which can be challenging for your privacy and safety.

But when you use a VPN, it will convert your old IP address into an anonymous new one. It will also prevent your activity from your internet service provider, app/addon developers, government agencies, and any other party from logging what you’re accessing online.

Details and Descriptions:

9anime tv features a wide range of categories for streaming, including the Newest, Genre, Ongoing, Last Update, Schedule, Request, Member Login, and a few others. The good news is that one can search on the homepage of the website for their desired category. It is really easy to navigate with your firestick remote. But in case you are unable to navigate, then you can use the “Mouse Toggle app”.


As you have read, it is really straightforward to stream 9anime tv on your android tv. We have described the whole process; you just have to follow it step by step.

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