How do I Recover Data from a WD External Hard Drive?

How do I Recover Data from a WD External Hard Drive?

Have you lost data from a WD external hard disk drive?

This article helps you to recover lost data from a WD external hard disk drive. It summarizes the accurate process to recover the data while keeping in mind the exchange warranty of the hard disk drive by the manufacturer.

Hard disk drives are delicate devices. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of these hard disk drives and prevent them from physical as well as logical damage. There could be several reasons for physical damage to the hard disk drive which could result in data loss. However, the question is how to recover data from hard disk drive.

Steps to Recover Data from Western Digital External Hard Disk Drive

Step 1: Contact the Hard Disk Manufacturer

First and foremost, check the warranty period of hard disk drive as the manufacturer usually offers a warranty of 2-5 years. In case the damaged hard disk drive is in the warranty period, it is advised to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Call the manufacturer to know the data recovery standards of the particular brand.
  • Some manufacturers offer their consumers the service of data recovery whereas some advise them to get the data recovered from a third-party data recovery services provider.
  • Either way, the complaint is registered with the manufacturer. For the latter case (data recovery from a third-party services provider), it is important to take approval from data recovery service provider incase they void warranty of the hard drive.

Step 2: Submit the Hard Disk Drive for Data Recovery

If the data is being recovered by the manufacturer, then follow the prescribed process. However, if the hard disk drive is being taken to a professional data recovery services provider such as Stellar Data Recovery Services, follow the given process.

  • You can either drop the hard disk drive at the service center on their own or take assistance from the service provider.
  • Stellar offers its clients the facility of doorstep picks up of the hard disk drive.

Step 3: Update from the Service Provider

Stellar follows the below mentioned process before starting the data recovery:

  • Hand over the hard disk drive to its data recovery experts.
  • The experts then inform the client about data recovery chances and the entire process.
  • In some cases, the hard disk drive has to be opened. They duly inform the client regarding this.

Note: Opening a hard disk drive can hamper the warranty so it is important for the client to take a letter from the data recovery service providers and submit that letter to the manufacturer.

  • After getting the consent of client to open the hard disk drive, the process of data recovery is started by Stellar.

Step 4: Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery India has class 100 clean room labs which are essential for recovery of lost data from a physically damaged storage media. Once the data recovery process is complete, the company hands over the recovered data to the client in a fresh hard disk drive, along with the faulty hard disk drive. Also, there would be a certificate for data recovery stating that the recovery process has been done in controlled conditions and there has been no further damage to the hard disk drive.

Post this, the client can submit the hard disk drive to the manufacturer for a replacement, under the warranty offered by them.

Why Stellar Data Recovery?

Stellar can recover data from failed hard drive, failed SSD, broken laptop, formatted drive, corrupt/damaged SD card, pen drive, flash drive, crashed RAID/NAS/SAN server, etc. It also offers Stellar Data Recovery Software that can recover data lost due to logical reasons.


In case of data loss from a hard disk drive due to physical damage, it is always advised to first get the data recovered rather than trying to repair it. Also, always check the manufacturer’s warranty of hard disk drive. Lastly, no matter what causes the data loss, Stellar Data Recovery India is always there to help you.


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