How Do Home Inspections Work During Covid-19?

How Do Home Inspections Work During Covid-19

As the country continues trying to cope with the ongoing pandemic, people will always need housing. In fact, the housing market is experiencing such demand, 92% of real estate agents say they’re in a strong seller’s market, according to HomeLight’s Spring Survey. And part of the house buying process is having a home inspection. 

We know you’re probably wondering how, exactly, do home inspections work amidst this pandemic? Let’s take a look.

Extra precautions for those attending home inspections

Before COVID, buyers would walk through the house as the home inspector went through the house. However, buyers are now discouraged from attending to limit the risk of infection – not just for the buyers, but for the inspectors and seller’s as well. 

If buyers insist on attending, they will be required to wear masks and gloves like the inspectors do. Hands must be washed after touching surfaces, or at the very least use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

Safety guidelines for inspections

Home inspectors are required to follow CDC safety guidelines when on an inspection. They must wear masks at all times and wash (or sanitize) their hands regularly. If someone is going through the home with the inspector, they must maintain a six-foot distance from one another. 

Also, home inspectors should self-quarantine if they are experiencing COVID symptoms or have a fever greater than 100.4°F (37.8° C). Naturally, if someone has to cough or sneeze, they should cover their mouths with the crook of the elbow or a tissue. Hands must be washed immediately. 

Recording or live chatting for absent clients

For the clients who prefer to keep their distance, the inspectors can record the inspection and go over the problem areas as normal. Once the inspection is over, they can then send the recording to the client to view from home. 

Another option some inspectors are using is using FaceTime or other live chat features to do the inspection with the client in real time. This allows the client to ask questions as the inspector goes through the property, instead of having to make a call or send an email after view the recording. Talk about a time saver!

Cleaning and sanitizing high touch areas and objects

Some home inspectors will bring their own sanitizing wipes to clean high touch areas or objects prior to touching them. This means they’ll wipe down light switches, door knobs, toilets and faucets, and so on. 

Home inspectors are recommended to wipe down their vehicle, inspection tools, their phone and other odds and ends they may use regularly. 

Keeping informed on latest developments and changes

If you’ve noticed, it seems like guidelines and regulations change rather frequently, depending on the rate of infection in the city. It’s always in both yours and the home inspector’s best interest to stay up to date with the latest developments. By staying up to date, everyone will be able to continue to conduct business in a way that is safe for everyone involved. 

Also, InterNACHI, the world’s leading association for home inspectors, have created a COVID safety course that teaches inspectors the best practices to conduct a thorough inspection while protecting themselves from the virus. 

Agents aren’t the only ones working hard to make sure they are keeping themselves and their clients safe. Everyone involved with the real estate transaction is doing their part, not only to keep themselves safe, but you are safe as well! In knowing this, clients can navigate the real estate world safely and confidently during these challenging times.


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