How can I browse the Internet anonymously?

How can I browse the Internet anonymously?

Nowadays browsing the internet anonymously is the need of the people. Everyone wants privacy in their life so, they want to become unknown while doing any online activity. Users always search for how can I browse the internet anonymously. Here you will get the solution to your question. We are providing different methods by which you can easily browse online activity and keep privacy. There are many ways which you can apply to protects yourself from hackers as well as malware.

Best 5 ways to browse the internet anonymously

Now read the different ways and use which is easy and suitable for you and your pocket also.


Using VPN is the best and easiest way to secure your browsing information or online data. It is mostly preferred by the users who look for privacy. By using a virtual private network, your IP address gets hide and you become an unknown user on the internet. We have provided a list of VPN provider companies by which you can choose which is best for you.

  • VPN Unlimited – VPN Unlimited is known for its unlimited features with the fastest internet speed. It also offers VPN Unlimited Discount Code by which you can get it at a reasonable price.
  • Hola VPN- Hola VPN also helps to keep privacy on your online activities. It gives 3 days free trial and protection of browsing information.

Use an anonymous Search Engine

There are some anonymous search engines that are also available for the users. And anonymous describe that you are unknown while doing searching on the internet. Theses search engines are fully safe and hides your information while you are browsing on the internet.  Here we have given the name of such search engines.

  • Duckduckgo – Duckduckgo keeps privacy on all information that you do online. It does not collect any information whether you click on some links or read any website.
  • Startpage- Startpage is another search engine that works like google but does not track your data of website which you visit.

Switch to HTTP to HTTPS

HTTPS is more secure as compare to HTTP because HTTPS comes with an SSL certificate. SSL certificate means they are providing full security to the internet activities running on a web browser.

You can use HTTP sites when you are using the internet for a fun purpose like gaming, watching funny videos. But if you are using doing some personal activity and want to hide online information then HTTPS is required. HTTPS contains “S” because of the security purpose, it means your data is safe and cannot get the leak.


TOR has many layers just like an onion to protect your online data. When you are using TOR, it means your traffic is going through many networks of TOR and gets encrypted. It is the way by which your browsing information and you become anonymous on the internet.

TOR has managed your browsing activities by transferring your searches from one network to another. So, its becomes impossible for hackers to get access to your data because your information gets hide.

Use web browser’s private mode

This method is also working but rarely used by people. Most of the users are unaware of this way to become anonymous during browsing. When you normally search on the search engine, your web browser is in normal mode which means your data is store. And this store data shows that on which sites you have a visit and what you are searching for.

When you use the web browser’s private mode, it helps you to hide your browsing activities from others. No one can track your information and unable to watch the record on what sites you have visited.

Which is the best method to browse the internet anonymously?

We have discussed the top 5 ways by which you can become anonymous while visiting any website. But, the best method is using a VPN because it is easy to use and fully secure. With the use of the virtual private network, your browsing information becomes safe and anonymous. And it hides your IP address so, you are also able to read the content of those websites which are restricted in your country. Vpn is pocket-friendly and some VPN provider companies also offer coupon code which we have mentioned above.

So, you can try any method which most suits you and easy for you. Now enjoy the privacy and visit any website and watch you want and gets privacy for your online business also.


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