Best Guide to Fix An AC Market App not Installed Error on Android!

Best Guide to Fix An AC Market App not Installed Error on Android!

As we are running in digital world we are occupied in mobile phones and computers. We explore more apps and games, lets it be for official purpose or it be for past time. And we have come across with an app which is the ultimate choice for modified, hacked, tweaked and cracked apps for the Android Device. It has amazing features: It is User Friendly; 2. Super-Fast Speed; 3. Warm Community; 4. Secured; 5. It is in 20+ languages and spread over worldwide. It is most popular Android MOD store. And being most popular App which is known for downloading modified apps, it directly download the apps without navigating to other external links.

Let see how to download AC Market App on your android Phone:

Find ac Market app download in your browser, open the page to download an app and follow the below instructions:

Tap apk download file, it will pop up with a message “ this type of device can be harmful for your device. Do you still want to continue? Tap yes to install and ignore such kind of security alert. Once the installation is completed tap the button “Done. Now it is all set to use the app. Sometimes while downloading this app many people are encountered with an error “Application Not Installed”.  This could be because of various reason. Let’s try to fix the error by following the tips given below:

Here are some tips How to Fix an Error:

Since the android system is an open platform for tones of apps, but it is low in space hence one of the reason for an error to download this app could be low space to install, but there is nothing to worry about, there are few methods which could be tried to fix the error ;

First Error: App is not installed :  This could be because of space consumed in your device. We suggest, go in the settings and tap system, find package installer, tap on it, it will open the page and there will be an option to clear Data and Clear Cache. Whereas Marshmallow v6.0 should look into storage to clear data and cache.

After clearing data try to install the AC Market app once again and it the error is not fixed then try another method to fix it.

Second Error : Unknown source not enabled: Sometime our phone is kept on safety mode by disabling to allow any third party app or content, so all you have to do is

  1. Open Settings;
  2. Go to Security and find unknown sources;
  3. And tap it to enable it;

After enabling try to download the same once again, if the error still exist then try another method.

Third Error: Apk file corruption : It is highly possible that, the app you are trying to download from the source could be corrupted hence try to download it from the official source or try to download as per the instructions given below:

Firstly make sure that, the SD card in your device is not mounted properly, therefore try to mount it properly by going in storage in settings, and then tap on mount SD card. Once you have mounted you SD card reboot your device and restart again.

Try to download it once again the APP, make sure the system has a permission to download third party app.

If it still don’t work try fourth method mentioned below:

Fourth Error: Here in case if you have downloaded AC market app before than the new version of the same cannot be downloaded, as there will be conflicts in both the app. Therefore make sure to uninstall the older version before downloading the new version. It is possible to complete the download if this is the case.

In case this is not the issue then we have one last and final method to use where we can try to install the app by trying to fix the issue

Fifth Error: This method of fixing error is for those who have rooted their device. To install the app thorough the rooted device make sure to follow the below options:

  1. Open web browser on rooted device
  2. Search a root explorer app and download it;
  3. Once the app is downloaded open it and copy .apk file
  4. Now open settings > go to system and then app
  5. here you should find AC Market app is now installed and is working.

We hope one of the above issues will fix the error and help you in downloading this app. In case if nothing works we suggest to try an alternate app with similar features and safe to use.

There are more than 10 apps which is an alternate to AC Market APP. However we will share few names which can help you in getting the similar app for downloading modified apps without and fuss.

  1. Androinica
  2. APKPure
  3. APKPot
  4. Appszoom
  5. Uptodown
  6. Blapkmarket
  7. APKMirror
  8. Appszito
  9. TorrApk
  10. AndroLib

However these above apps could be alternative to AC Market app but this could also encounter with an error while downloading. Hence the tips shared for fixing the error should always be followed before downloading an app.

Most important your device should be in enable mode to download an unknown source and your device should also have enough space to download the app.


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