Fix ‘’ Error in Minecraft(Solved)

Fix ‘aka.msremoteconnect’ Error in Minecraft(Solved)

Know here all about ‘’ Error in Minecraft

The Error in Minecraft game is very common. Many gamers face that, so we decide to find a solution so other gamers can easily play their games.

Before we move forward with the solution, it is important to understand how the Error occurs and the reasons. So read the whole article to understand about Minecraft and Error.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an online game that can be played by millions of players worldwide. It was released in 2009, and after that, lots of gamers are playing it and enjoying it. There are almost 131 million active players, and over 200 million copies were sold.

But while playing, many gamers face Error code, so here we are

with the solution to fix it.

What is Error?

Minecraft is an online game that can be played crossover on various gaming platforms such as Nintendo, Xbox, PS4. To connect all such platforms in one place, the gamer has to create a Microsoft account to join the game.

Gamers must have a Microsoft account before playing such a game. To create a Microsoft account, go to this link

The Error message occurs when the device cannot connect with the game. If the gamer changes the device and tries to connect, then it will show this Error.

How Error occur?

We connected to many gamers who played regularly and got such Error. They also find the reason behind the Error and solution for other gamers. Here are few reasons for Error.

Corrupt Game Data:

Online game files contain game data that may get corrupt after some time, so in this case, none of the players can play and get this Error.

The PC gamers will reinstall the game data and enjoy the game where they left it. This facility is not available on other devices such as Xbox, Nintendo, and PS4.

Minecraft Cross-Play:

This game can be played from various devices, but it is necessary to connect with other players to connect with one place where all the players can play on one platform. So if the gamer is playing from Xbox, Nintendo, PS4, or computer with the help of a Microsoft account, all the players are connected to the online platform where they can easily play with each other.

Players can also use one Microsoft account on different devices, but it may occur Error due to the multiple logins from a single account.

To solve this Error, just log out from the primary device and try again to log in; it may solve the Error.

Restricted Error From Firewall:

Suppose the gaming console or operating system has an inbuilt firewall then Error creates, and it will not allow you to play such a game online. So turn it off to play smoothly.

How to Fix Error?

Below are guide to fix Error

Get Code from Microsoft Account to Enter in Minecraft:

If the gamer has a Microsoft account in PS4 and tries to log in from Xbox, then Error will occur.

In this case, create a code from your old Microsoft account and try to enter it into your new platform. When it is done, you can get access to enter Minecraft.

Follow the below steps to get code and enter in Minecraft account:

  • Open your Minecraft game go on your gaming console, and click on multiplayer access sign-in.
  • It will open a screen with codes and Error. Copy codes on a text file.
  • Open the browser on your device and login to your Microsoft account with this link
  • Once you logged in to the account, go to
  • In the next window, enter your code and click on activate.

Delete Minecraft Game Data to Remove Corrupt Files:

When you delete the game data from your device, and it will remove all your achievements in the game. To delete duplicate files, you can go to this path: Settings>>System Settings>>Storage. Just delete the duplicate files, and now you can log in again

Create New Microsoft Account:

When you change the device from PS4 to Xbox or other, it will show Error, and the gamer is not able to access the game. So in this place, the gamer has to create a new account and get all the Minecraft store’s required data.

You will not get the game data from your existing Microsoft account to your new Microsoft account. So it will be a loss.


Nowadays, many people complaining about Error and not able to solve it. The above-given steps are proven, and many users get to benefit from them. So follow it and just let us know about your experience and if you found other solutions, then share with us.


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