Top 22 Data Management Software for Startups

Top 20 Data Management Software for Startups

Listing down the top most highly rated Data management software was not easy; however, we hope to streamline your search better. Let’s read on.

Data management is the practice of managing data effectively to unlock its maximum potential. The importance of data and its management has spiked significantly over the years, solely because data-driven insights are what powers the most successful businesses. Data management software for small businesses is even more critical. It is because they require accurate data for successful branding and sales. Effective data management also helps startups to access newer markets and implement advanced analytics for brand establishment. Many business experts also state that startups should prioritize data management to improve their decision-making process.

Data management is why many startups are taking the help of AI tools and Master Data Management (MDM) software to benefit their business with social media marketing, provide business support and elevate their overall operations. These data management tools collect data automatically and keep it secure, making the whole process efficient and cost-effective.  They help improve business alignment, data governance, data delivery, usage, measurement, organization, and more.

If you are looking for the best data management software for a startup, we have listed the 20 best software to solve the problem.


It is a comprehensive multi-cloud data management platform, offering services like data backup and recovery, file and object, analytics and insights, and many more. It works with physical servers as well as virtual machines. It also allows IT professionals to backup, manage, and gain insights from their data across multiple cloud platforms.

Our take- Cohesity’s main product, DataPlatform, virtualizes all of the conventional system’s elements and helps businesses consolidate varied workloads, including backups, archives, test, and development, along with data analysis singularly. It is an excellent tool for startups who have comparatively less workforce to manage and a budget constraint.

Stibo systems

Stibo systems’ MDM empowers data transparency and accentuates its quality by providing accuracy and clarity. By eliminating silos and barriers to databases’ visibility and flow, Stibo System’s MDM provides benefits like data transparency, enhanced operational efficiency, streamlined and automated marketing processes, management and mitigation of risk, and increased business agility.

Our take- If you want to use a customer database management software exclusively for sales and marketing, you can use Stibo systems to improve decision making and productivity, optimize the business, and drive personalized omnichannel experiences for high-value customers.


Ataccama’s self-driving data management & governance platform enables data to drive your organization’s change, making it more agile and data-driven. Ataccama boasts of a glossy clientele with brands like American Airlines, AGRO group, Avast, and more.

Our take- Its automatic classification will help you establish a multi-domain MDM solution and create 360-degree customer solutions. If you are looking to catalog, manage and profile data, Ataccama is the best type of data management tool. You can also establish a data fabric architecture to integrate it from multiple sources using this SAAS platforms.


Another efficient data management software, Profisse’s multi-domain platform, helps you build a trusted enterprise data foundation. It is a fast, affordable, and scalable MDM solution that helps organizations identify and group duplicate records. It automatically creates and populates your records with accurate information available across the sources to enrich them.

Our take- Profissee is best to set data quality rules, standardize common data and upgrade rules to perform data calculations and assignments automatically.

Tibco MDM

TIBCO’s online master data management software makes it possible to unlock your real-time data’s potential to make it faster. Its connected intelligence platform connects the data source application, unifies data for greater access, trust, and control. It predicts real-time outcomes.

Our take- Best for internal operations and business functioning. You can fuel your business innovation with integration & analytics solutions with easy-to-use, hassle-free TIBCO MDM.


Riversand allows you to build an engaging brand and product experience with actionable insights and improve your customer experience on one platform through  MDM and product information management (PIM).

Our take- It is a cloud-based unified SaaS platform that enables you to engage with your customer. It helps you plan, manage and adapt your product catalogs and visual assets to create engaging experiences.


Vin MDM is a flexible next-generation multi-domain solution that keeps your master data clean & consistent across multiple channels.

Our take- Vin MDM provides the flexibility to add new attributes to the database as and when required. It also enables clients to define their business-critical master data entities and generate the necessary set of entities or segments whenever the need arises.


Pimcore is an open-source data management tool that collects, enriches, and manages enterprise data to provide an up-to-date, consistent, and relevant database. Check Pimcore practical examples for beginners here.

TIBCO data virtualization

TIBCO Data Virtualization is an enterprise data virtualization software that facilitates access to multiple and varied data sources. It delivers IT-curated data services along with verified data for nearly any solution.

Our take- Tibco addresses the evolving needs of companies with maturing architectures. It helps startups remove bottlenecks and enable a governed and secure consistency in a single logical layer serving diverse users.


Pimcore is an open-source data management tool that collects, enriches, and manages enterprise data to provide an up-to-date, consistent, and relevant database.

Our take – It is a seamlessly integrated centralized solution for PIM, MDM, DAM, CDP, DXP/CMS, and digital commerce, thus standing great for product-based establishments.

Google audience center

Google audience center is a part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, which helps companies to analyze their audience from multiple perspectives across channels and devices. Google’s data management and computing tools are excellent for combining and analyzing massive data sets, like user and impression data from various cross-channel campaigns, using a user interface.

Our take- It is great to combine analytics, search, display, email, social, and CRM in one place. It also provides automatic access to Google’s proprietary data and more than fifty third-party data providers for more relevant insights. You can also see your audience’s demographics and build lookalike audiences.

Fact – 46% of startups do not have the technology to take advantage of the data generated every day. (Source – Dun and Bradstreet Hoover)


EnterWorks’ Winshuttle Digital Asset Management (DAM) is also a multi-domain MDM was ranked as a leader by Forrester Research among top Product Information Management systems. It automates your data-intensive process and helps you create, manage, and share differentiated product data.

Our take – You can use the store, manage and share the right digital assets across all your channels using Winshuttle. It also helps you create a single, governed source of truth for your strategic data assets across your systems.

Talend Master Data Management

The Talend platform provides a set of functions for enterprise-scale master data management and delivers end-to-end functionality. The integration platform-as-a-Service facilitates cloud-to-cloud and hybrid integration workflow and ensures the best performance in any cloud-based tool.

Our take- With Talend master data management, you will also learn about data modeling’s best practices. It is optimized for all structured, unstructured, semi-structured, and machine-generated data. Talend MDM is the best data management software for an organization that collates from various sources or control data projects centrally.

Permutive DMP

Permutive’s data management platform integrates in real-time with a host of partners. It erases third-party cookies and helps in-session targeting.

Our take- Permutive is designed exclusively for publishers. It provides a SaaS data management platform that allows them to increase their targetable advertising and crave an alternative for Facebook and Google. Permutive’s publisher data platform comes in two varieties that help clients collect, analyze, and activate real-time data.


Fivetran is what a booming startup needs, as it is designed to meet the needs of data analysts. It has a fully managed data pipeline that enables data-backed decisions by delivering ready-to-queries data into your cloud warehouse.

Our take – Fivetran is a good investment if you are a data analyst or starting an analytics company. Fivetran’s data integration is supported by a fully managed ELT architecture that delivers zero-maintenance pipelines and ready-to-query schemas.


Collibra’s data intelligent tool connects data, insights, algorithms, and people with IT infrastructure, enabling the brand to build a data-driven culture for the modern digital enterprise.

Our take – It is a self-service tool best to use by managing digital enterprises to access evaluation licenses, register new business leads, and submit referrals.

Oracle Data Management Suite

Oracle Data Management Cloud enables organizations to manage application-specific business viewpoints and govern changes across them effortlessly. It helps in sharing and mapping data sets to accelerate cloud deployment and build an authoritative reference system.

Our take- With the Oracle Data Management Suite, you have the flexibility to use it singularly or as a process within Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud. It is best to work with applications, manage change with requests, build data maps, automate tasks, and audit transaction history.


Hevo is a Fully Automated, No-code Data Pipeline Platform that supports 150+ ready-to-use integrations across Databases, SaaS Applications, Cloud Storage, SDKs, and Streaming Services.
Our take – Hevo is best for companies who are looking for a fully automated data pipeline solution; Companies who prefer to use a Drag-drop interface that non-technical employees can use.

SAP Data Management

Database management solutions for transforming industries are an integral part of the Business Technology Platform. It enables customers to make data-driven decisions and manage, govern, and integrate enterprise data. SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP IQ, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, and SAP SQL Anywhere drive confident business decisions.

Our take – You can handle transactions and analytics on a single data set and make faster decisions with a fully managed in-memory cloud database as a service (DBaaS). It is excellent to handle petabyte-scale data volumes and drive more reliable online transaction processing. If you are looking to capture, manage, and synchronize data without connectivity or IT infrastructure, it is the solution for you.

Microsoft Master Data Services

Microsoft’s master data services enable you to manage your organization’s data into models and create rules for updating and controlling the same. It can be shared with others through excel. It acts as a container in the structure of your master database, wherein you can create a model to manage groups of similar data.

Our take- Microsoft MDS is suitable for organizations who want to manage a master set of data into models and simultaneously share the same set with other people. It creates a centralized data source and keeps it synchronized, reducing redundancies, and is best for organizations who work from multiple locations.

Dell boomi

Dell boomi’s platform provides integrated experiences through data discovery, application and data integration, API management, low code app development, workflow automation, and more. Its AtomSphere Platform increases revenue, reduces IT spend, elevates customer, partner, and employee satisfaction, and drives efficiency across their ecosystems.

Our take- As an iPaaS pioneer, Dell boomi is a leader in Gartner’s Enterprise iPaaS Magic Quadrant for seven years now. Its low-code development integration platform as a service (iPaaS) can be an excellent choice for startups looking for end-to-end integration of applications and data sources for cloud integration.


Last on the list, but not the least, Cloudera is a data storage and processing data management tool for design, deployment, operations, and production management.

Our take – Cloudera’s new integrated data management product – Cloudera Data Platform enables data analytics across multiple cloud base systems as well as a proprietary system. It is best for data engineering, data warehousing, machine learning, and analytics that run in the cloud.

Fundamental to data management approaches

In the words of Henry M Morris, an American young-earth creationist and engineer- “Master data management is a discipline that goes hand in hand with information governance. Forward-thinking organizations are instituting processes to gain agreement on roles, responsibilities, policies, and procedures surrounding the maintenance of a single view of the entities needed for conducting business and measuring its performance.”

A couple of data management approaches that a startup can undertake are-

Cloud data management- 

Cloud data management is the practice of storing an organization’s data on an off-site server owned by a third-party vendor. This practice provides an automated backup boosting and easing up access to the database from different locations. Talend is a great tool for cloud data management.

Master data management

Master data management works closely with information technology to ensure the uniformity, accuracy, semantic consistency, and accountability of an organization’s shared master database. Profisee’s MDM is known to improve critical data assets’ consistency and quality for better access and usage.

Reference data management

Reference data management is the process of managing segments and hierarchies of the database across different storage systems. Through this practice, you can analyze reference data and track changes easily. Tibco’s data management software is perfect for reference data management.

However, data management is not always devoid of obstacles. Some of the challenges that one might witness in the process can be-

Issue of extracting sensible data for data analysis

Lack of clarity around what answers are sought from the data

Not utilizing the services to their full extent

The process not meeting data compliance

Multiple data storage options

Data management obstacles are why most startups are inclining towards a more lucrative and efficient solution in database providers. DataCaptive is one such name in the industry that provides manually verified and accurate B2B contact data solutions to connect with your target audience across the globe. While relying on database management software companies is an inevitable operational must-have for CRM data management, customer database management, and effective cloud data storage, B2B database providers like DataCaptive are more for sales and branding. Some other equally good portals providing similar database solutions are ZoomInfo, InsideView, amongst others.

We hope that you find your best-fit solutions from the list.

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