5 Big Changes in The Telecom Industry

Big Changes in The Telecom Industry

4G telecom services have changed the way of life for each individual. While Reliance launched
its Jio 4G services in the telecom sector that are much affordable, accessible, and enable faster
speed extended from small villages to metro cities. People have become more techno-friendly.
It’s been 4 years for 4G services, 5G services launch news is in the air. Many companies as Vi,
Airtel, Reliance Jio are ready to launch their 5G services.
This year, in 2021, you will have to pay a little extra amount to drive the web or internet services
of Vi, Airtel, Reliance. You will see the effective changes in your tariff recharge tab. At the end of
this year, 3G services will make an exit and 5G services will roll on. Find more latest news in marathi
, Hindi and english etc
An auction for 4G services is also planned in the year 2021, around 55000, to 60000 crore Rs.

5 effective telecom change

Below we are going to discuss the 5 effective changes rolling in the telecom sector.

4g tariff high rates

All the three big companies ruling the telecom sector are Vi, Reliance, airtel have announced
the new tariff rates in the year 2019, the raise was 25%to 40%. As we know every year, every
sector made some effective changes for the growth of their business in the year 2020, telecom
companies have put this thing on hold to give relaxation to their customers. But in 2021, the
tariff will be available at higher rates.

PM wani

To channelize free wifi services all around the world this project has launched in December
2020. This project will be beneficial to all those individuals, driving small businesses, shops,
retail stores. They can contact the service providers to enable them a required amount of
bandwidth that can let their customers access trouble-free internet accessibility. It is a
government internet connectivity project named Pradhanmantri Wi-Fi access network interface,
it is faster, reliable, and secure. Telcos can also associate with this

No path for 3G

The year 2021 will be remembered as the ending era of 3G network connectivity points. Many
telecom companies have already stopped the services in south cities Chennai and Bangalore.
Vi has announced shutting down the 3G services from January 15, 2021. Jio is already on 4G
services in India. Airtel is the one that is running 3G network services but considering the facts
of evolving network and technology soon you can hear the announcement from Airtel regarding
the waiving off of 3G. Another company telcos will stay on 2G for low budget feature phones.
But 3G is eliminated from numerous regions of India.

Say bye to OTP

OTP is a code used to verify the identity of the person. TELECOM companies are about to roll
on a new verification entity. It will be known mobile identity, further details will be released by
telcos. This new technology needs approval from regulatory authorities, once it is done. The
information related to this universal login method will be displayed by the companies. You won’t
have to worry about remembering the credentials of your websites and applications a secure
acceptance will be made through your mobile phone.

5g rolling on in 2021

The collection of 5G smartphones is already available in the mobile market. Jio is all set to
deliver JiO5G internet connection around the country the tariff rates may be higher than 4G as it
offers advance download and uploading of applications, files, and other data. The evolving
technology is upgraded with the AR, VR, and AI sets.

At the End

Here, in the end, we can say that the telecom industry is ready with lots of wonderful
technologies that will direct the way of future communication and connectivity in which 5G will
be the important aspect of new changes. Explore more marathi news for technology, finance
and other.

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