Best hacking apps for Android

Best hacking apps for Android

You will know that android in not just a phone but it is a machine that can perform a lot of functions at a time. The emergence of the android phones has changed the life of the modern people. They are getting indulged with the functions of the phone. It is like an addiction. The more you are handling the device the more you will get involved to it. You can come across some best illegal android apps that are available in the market. They have a good demand among the young generation people. You can also opt for some android apps that can turn your phone into a fully hacking machine.

A short glimpse of some best hacking apps mainly for android

Here come some of the best hacking apps that are mainly applicable in case of android phones. It will be great to gather some good and reliable information about the subject. If you wish, you can also use these apps to check the security purposes.

ZAnti penetration android hacking toolkit

It is nothing more than a hacking toolkit that can help the security manager to access the risk level of the network by a single push button. It is a easy to use toolkit that assists the IT administrators to identify an advanced hacker and know his intention clearly.

Wi fi hacking app

It is another hacking app that is mainly applied to hack wi fi of any area. It will allow all the devices that are connected to the wi fi. You can block the internet through this app that was presently connected with this wi fi connection.  It is a cool app that can be applied on the android device. It is used by a number of people.

CSploit for rooted Android

It is a advanced android hacker that can assist the IT experts to apply it in their work. It is one of the most advanced systems of hacking android devices. The main thing is that it is only applicable in case of rooted android devices and no other ones.

WPS connect

It is another android hacking app that is mainly applied for android devices. It is through this app, that you can disable other net connections on the same wi fi. Just download WPS and start cracking the wi fi network that is around you.

Wi fi Wps Wps Tester

It is one of the best android hacking app that can help you to crack the wi fi network round you. Through this app, you can connect the router that has some vulnerability that can be targeted through this app. You will surely get the best result after applying this app. It will provide you a satisfying result.

Wi fi Inspect

It is a multi-tool android hacker that is mainly meant for the computer professionals. It will be better if you call it as an audit tool and not a hacking tool. Everyone should try this cool hacking tool.

Fing Network tools

It is an analyzer tool that is applicable only in case of rooted android devices. This app is very fast and accurate at the same time. Fing is also termed as a professional app that will help you to evaluate your security levels. This is very helpful.


It is a tool that is mainly used for auditing purposes. Arpspoof is a wonderful app that can help people in ample ways. The demand of this android hacking app is gradually observed among the people. This is noticed in all aspects.

Network Discovery

It is a simple app that does not require any type of root access to perform its work. This app can only be used to keep a good track of the network details that are presently connected to carry out the work.

Nmap for Android

The other name of Nmap is Network Mapper. It is a great network scanner tool that can help the user in a different manner. It is now available on both Windows and Android. Although it is not an official app, still it can be used for official or commercial purposes.

Network Spoofer

It is counted as the best security tool in case of Android devices. It can be easily used to change or alter websites on other people’s computer mainly from your Android-based devices. It is not exactly like a penetration testing tool.

Wi fi Finder

It is one of the first class app for finding free or public wi fi hotspots online or offline as the case may be. It can help you to view the hotpot location, find the direction and share the same. It is found to be helpful in any ways.

Wi fi Analyzer

This app helps you to turn the Android phone into wifi analyzer. You can view the wi fi channels around you. It can also help you to find lots of wi fi errors.  This is a great job. You can also come across various types of game hacking apps.

Wi fi You

It is said to be a very powerful app that can help you to collect lots of passwords worldwide. It can also help you to store the same and distribute them so that you can enjoy free network and tension free surfing of network. With the help of a single click you can get connected with the free wifi.


It is an android app that is mainly used for security purposes. It was mainly developed for testing the security of your account.  It is based on the bachelor thesis. The demand of phone hacker apk is also increasing day by day.

Tips to hack android phones

You can get a wide variety of hacking app for pc. They are gradually increasing every day. With the invention of new techniques and systems the popularity of hacking apps has increased incredibly.

However, the most important question that may arise in the mind of the people is how to hack android phone.

  • Spynote is the most important one that is involved in this process. It is nothing but a remote administration tool through which you can easily hack the phone of a person.
  • It is also found that in case of hacking android phones the role of Metaspoilt is enormous. If you search in the internet you will get some remote apps that can equally help you in this work.  They are written down in a systematic manner.
  • The whole process of hacking should be done in a planned way.

If it comes for hacking android phones, you should always rely upon some tools that are much effective in this work. They can also help you in the best possible manner. You should also keep your device updated from time to time. It may be a laptop or a PC. If you go to the Android device you will a settings part. You can make the necessary changes as required by you.  You should always check the permissions of the app before you are installing anything on your Android phone. It is an essential step in this case.  The installation should be done with proper internet connection.

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