5 Best Gadgets For Your Tech-obsessed Friend

5 Best Gadgets For Your Tech-obsessed Friend

No doubt that you have a tech-obsessed friend because the technology is booming at a breakneck speed, and everyone seems to enjoy it. Well, they should. But you might not be very familiar with the latest gadgets. Are you now confused about what to present to your friend on their special day? 

If your friend is a fitness enthusiast, there are fitness tracking gadgets available online. If they are a reader, there are kindles and so on. Let’s find out the five best gadgets for your tech-obsessed friend. 

GoPro – For The One Who’s Always In Action

GoPro - For The One Who's Always In Action

Undoubtedly, this can be the best gift for your tech-obsessed slash vlogger friend. Right now, the GoPro is one of the best action cameras that are present in the market. It has made its league where no competition stands its ground against it. The mini power-pack action camera has expanded the horizon of footage as smooth as butter, that too, without a gimbal. The cherry on the cake is its features that have made their way right from the future. 

You can click a selfie via voice control. You don’t need to manually adjust the camera settings because the SuperPhoto mode automatically takes care of it. All of these features, along with its eight times super Slo-Mo, makes it the perfect action camera for gifting to your action-loving friend. 

Huawei Watch GT2 – For The Fitness Freak

It’s vital to stay fit in today’s era if you want to lead a happy and healthy life. If someone you know is also into fitness, you should get them a smartwatch from Huawei UK. A good fitness tracking watch like the Huawei Watch GT2 will give your friend an edge over the ordinary. Its body is made up of robust titanium alloy. 

The watch has more than 100 workout modes for every type of fitness freak. Its display is of premium quality which enhances your viewing experience on a 1.39” AMOLED Display. The watch keeps a track of the oxygen’s saturation level in the body, which comes very handy in the times of Covid-19. The state-of-the-art wireless charging makes it easy to use and the battery lasts up to three weeks on a single charge. 

Your techie friend can use the watch with any of the devices they own – android or iOS 

LG Ultrawide Curved Monitor – For The Gamer 

By default, most tech-obsessed people are gamers. They need a complete setup to play their games and enjoy them to the fullest.One can also consider huawei matepad pro. A quintessential part of that gaming setup is a monitor. Well, you might give your friend a basic monitor, but that wouldn’t take them by a swing. If you want to astonish them, you should get them a curved screen monitor. And when it comes to quality screens, there’s rarely any brand as good as LG. 

The LG 29 WN600-W 29″ monitor comes with HDR 10 compatibility and a FreeSync system. The monitor also comes with the MAXX AUDIO technology supported by two power-packed seven-watt speakers at the bottom. The monitor also has almost no bezels, making it a near-perfect gaming experience for everyone who loves esports. 

MX Master 3 – Logitech’s Ergonomic Mouse

Most of the tech enthusiasts, coders, gamers, or designers; work on multiple screens or multiple systems at the same time. To work swiftly on different screens, they are always in need of an ergonomic mouse, and Logitech became just the savior they were looking for. Logitech’s MX Master 3 is the mouse from the future with its dedicated buttons and adequate smoothness. 

The brand claims that it can scroll up to a thousand rows in a second and even stop just when and where you want it to, such is its precision. If you want to make the life of your tech-obsessed friend easy, you should give this mouse to them. The mouse connects to multiple devices simultaneously, and the user can switch between them easily, with just a gesture. It stays powered for seventy days on a single charge, and with its quick Type-C charging, your friend would be able to work for three hours on just a one-minute charge. 

To make a gift hamper for your friend, you can also include the MX Keys, Logitech’s state-of-the-art keyboard. 

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush – For The One With Hollywood Smile 

If your friend is obsessed with their teeth as they are with technology, they would love this gift. It will be easy for them to flash their pearly-white smile with this electric toothbrush. 

This electric toothbrush charges entirely in three hours, so your friend can plug it in a while going to bed, and by the time they’ll be up, it will be ready for use. Also, what makes this brush smart is its ‘gum-protection’ function. You might not know it, but several diseases result from brushing ‘too hard.’ The smart Oral-B toothbrush has a red and green indicator that turns red when the pressure is more than ideal and stays green when it is perfect. 


For the tech-lovers, when it comes to their favorite tech items, it’s like none or all. You should know that a real tech enthusiast would want all things techie in the world. Well, you can’t gift them all the things, that’s why we shortlisted the five best. Go and grab these products for your friend’s special day.

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